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Ajans Türk Kurucu

Welcome To Ajansturk...

Ajans-Turk was first founded in 1951 by Sevket and Necdet Evliyagil, who were brothers with a journalistic background, as a private news agency in a building at Karanfil Street, Ankara owned by Yagcioglu family where Vakko is now located.Ajans-Turk later purchased its first typesetting machine and a printing machine with a view to improve quality of its bulletins for newspapers.At that time, printing house industry was underdeveloped in Ankara although it was built as the Republic's capital 30 years ago. Being aware of this vacuum Evliyagil brothers developed their business by importing advanced machines and hiring experts from Italy and Istanbul in addition to graphic designers who were not therefore employed in Turkey.

Products of Ajans-Turk printing house gained reputation and were praised all over the country. It was so much that clean, beautiful, fascinating printing works were only performed by Ajans-Turk which secured a place in Guinness Book of Records by publishing the first embossed stamps in the world.Colored brochures and leaflets for tourist published by The Ministry of Tourism, colored reports of banks, prestigious university books and clean and reliable samples of colored stamps which are also admired world-wide as well as inimitable share certificates of leading corporations have traditionally been printed by Ajans-Turk. Ajanstürk

As years passed by Ajans-Turk's office at Karanfil Street proved insufficient to accommodate the growing establishment and the company moved to its building located at Ziya Gokalp Boulevard. During the succeeding 25 years this building transformed into a school of contemporary offset printing in Turkey. Today, you can see tens of qualified foreman-head foreman and experts employed by all printing houses including national dailies who have begun their career in Ajans-Turk.Ajans-Turk's expanding operations subsequently made the 10-floor printing house with a floor area of 4000m2 at Ziya Gokalp Boulevard insufficient. At present Ajans-Turk is continuing to provide state-of-the-art services with new machines installed at its new premises with an area of 8000 m2 built on Necdet Evliyagil Avenue on 7th km. of Istanbul Highway in 1992.

With all units equipped with computerized machines, Ajans-Turk is continuing to offer unique and excellent products under management of the second generation of the family with the assistance of qualified experts.